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Stand out!

What makes you unique? What makes you stand out? Your character? Great sense of humor? When you have the chance to choose which person to start conversation on the street – do you choose the one who’s sloppy looking or the one who has neat outfit? Because let’s be honest – the first impression is […]

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Every woman deserves a dress

The thought that I should write about dresses came very easily to me because when I took a look at my shop I realised that I have many dresses that have been made changing few of my patterns. There are a lot of pictures of the dresses so I can only show you a small […]

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Vintage kleitas piegrieztne / Vintage dress pattern

Old time dress | Vecā laika kleita

I’ve been longing for blogging, but May is a very busy month, never before it has been like this. We are preparing daughter for the school. The first important event is a kindergarten graduation. In honor of this I have created myself a new sewing challenge – I sew 50s-style dress for my daughter. Esmu […]

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