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My progress in clothing sewing

One step higher

Wanting to please my dear ones I often take on more than I can and am able to (haha). I won`t mention (out loud) for how long It took me to finish this warm jacket but I`m very proud with the result (and even more with the fact that I actually finished It). Together with […]

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Little Paris girl

To Paris with new jacket! When little Misis has planned a trip, the question – what to put in suitcase? – appears. Considering the list of what to take decision was made, only thing that was missing was summer jacket for colder weather. And it was my dream long time ago that I wanted to […]

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THE wool coat

Few days ago I declared to my Facebook friends that I feel super cool because I made a winter coat for myself! Just fantastic, I managed to make exactly what I wanted and it would not be possible to find in shops something what would fit me perfectly and would suit my requirements! Made from […]

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THE Dress

Cornflower day dress is ready. Calmly, without haste. This was delightful, as the owner of dress radiates peace and harmony herself. Thank you darling, that you took the risk and choose me as author of your dress. Thank you for trusting me and my skills, thank you for encouragement: “You can do it”. Thanks to […]

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Dress for the best one | Teicamnieka tērps

Super! School holidays have begun! Second grade has been finished with praise and with diploma in hand! Paula is dreaming now about long and peaceful time for reading the books .. And we, lucky parents will be able to sleep a bit more in the morning, hihihi .. And here’s the last school day in […]

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In honour of gypsum | Par godu ģipsim

Who said that gypsum for broken arm is not stylish? In fact, a very practical purpose…. to my mind dirty gypsum looks just terrible. Thus looks much better! Kas teica, ka lauzta roka ģipsī nav stilīgi? Patiesībā ļoti praktiskam nolūkam…..apzīmēti, netīri ģipši , manuprāt, ir briesmīgi. Šādi ir daudz foršāk!

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