For summer wardrobe | Vasaras garderobei

Summery heat pleasantly surprised already in the spring. How I love the heat, the sun, and the flower scent in the air! While rearranging the children’s wardrobe I found that there are not enough little summery dress for the little girl. Our second flower is growing rapidly. I devoted some evenings for sewing (I am […]

Silent Clone | Klusējošais klons

A kind of shocking article title ..: D BUT something like this I read in a blog, where a tailor mannequin was described. Not too much to tell: three ladies, lots of fun… that much that I returned home just at two o’clock in the night! My recommendations for making a mannequin: buy a black […]

The dress IS finished | Kleita IR gatava

Do you remember this article? The dress is finished and handed over to the owner. Now with an easy feel in the heart I can inform about the result! It should be recognised, this dress was like a learning process: for the first time was sewing chiffon, also the split of skirt was something new […]

Little fairy.. | Mazā feja..

..it’s the name of lightweight girl’s dress for Burda 11/2010 model: light girl’s dress. Paula often has musical shows at school, this time – playing piano. Event was attended by 36 children: all smiling, dressed up smartly. I wanted very much to create a festive feel for Paula, so I decided to make a new […]

Welcome Spring | Esi sveicināts pavasari

Are you not tired of winter yet?? Somebody helps the spring by eating the snow but I do have my own methods to scare off the winter! Who says that one can not wear summery dresses in winter. Wrong! With this comes the feel of spring in heart and one starts thinking instinctively about the […]

Car enthusiasts | Automīlis

Nebūt ne par īstu automašīnu runāšu, bet gan par mazu čomiņu, kurš ir ticis pie vēl viena bikšu pāra ar auto tematiku. Īstiem džekiem piestāv;)! Man ir kāds Labdaris, mans Labais Gariņš, Ziemassvētku rūķītis (grūti piemeklēt īstos vārdus), kas gādā daudz feinu lietu priekš šūšanas (te ir iemesls atvērt atsevišķu tēmu). Viena no tām bija […]