Linen apparel for autumn

When the nature changes to more autumn like colors and the mood changes with it, CollectionWN created outerwear. Great addition to our small collection was 3 new garments – linen jacket with linen lining, kimono style coat with warm lining and short sleeved kimono jacket made from linen jacquard fabric.
On the day of the photoshoot the weather was great so me and my loyal companion Ilga took the new garments and went into the autumn forest. Our forest contains mostly of non deciduous trees so the overall look of our autumn forest is a bit different than typically
These 3 garments are made from heavier and denser linen than previous clothings to be suitable for colder weather. Since these denser fabrics are woven from already colored linen threads which are in natural colors the overall look of the fabric is very simple and down to Earth which is uncommon in our bold world.
Linen jacket is comfortable and it does not restrict the movement. It has large pockets and delicate lining. This garment can be worn indoors and outdoors. The fabric is nice, it’s linen but seems like wool. The fabric with so called “pine needle pattern” is dense so it doesn’t crease as easily as fabrics which are used for making lighter garments.


I’m so excited to finally have my own warm linen coat. Truly warm. The garment is made from simple pattern – it’s loose, has big pockets and collar which makes it look very Eastern. To make it look more romantic I added linen laces at the end of the sleeves. Coat is made from linen jacquard fabric with a warm viscose lining. Coat is also available with previously mentioned “pine needle pattern” fabric.

winter coat

And the last but not least is short sleeved linen kimono jacket. The jacket and its lining is made from the same linen jacquard fabric. Combine it with a gorgeous dress and you’ll be ready for the cold winters season! It also would look great with pants and short sleeved blouse – basically just let your imagination run wild!


Of course going to a forest without dogs would be unimaginable. These kind of photo shoots where 2 active dogs are chasing everything and anything are pretty fun. Either they run too far and make us worried or stay too close and get in the pictures – there’s no in between! And that’s how the behind the scenes pictures with dogs are made. It would be a shame to keep it all to myself so this is how alternative CollectionWN photo shoot looks like.







I hope that in nearest future I’ll be able to offer you other garments that are made inspiring from the Eastern culture but for now you can explore all of our apparel here: CollectionWN shop
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