Custom denim

The one outfit that almost every person has in their closet are jeans. It was the first piece of clothing made from this material but nowadays you can find almost anything made from denim. I also wanted to contribute so I made dress, skirts and pants – 3 denim clothes every woman should have in her wardrobe. All clothes are made from high quality light weight denim fabric.


When it comes to jeans – I like them a bit looser so in summer I don`t feel so hot and swetty and when it`s colder outside I can wear leggings ar tights underneath them. These tie waist jeans are very comfortable and I love wearing them when riding a bicycle, they`re just great apparel for active lifestyle.





I love denim but anything I create has to have a feminine touch. That is why I made pretty simple looking black denim dress and added black laces to make overall look flirty and feminine. I`m all about making comfortable everyday outfit that you can also wear to party and look great! Did I managed to do so




I like to wear all kind of skirts but when it comes to feeling comfortable in denim skirts I decided to make half circle skirts with invisible zipper closure and button on the back.


hemp trousers



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