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Good things come to those who wait.
Keeping up with old traditions, some time has passed since the last time that I added new article on my website. Some might think – If there are no new articles then there hasn`t been any sewing as well. Exactly the opposite. I have been so busy with sewing that I haven`t gotten time to anything else. I try not to sew on weekends so today Is good time as any to resume adding new articles. I`ve missed comunicating with my readers, followers.
Sewing was and still is my passion. In this short period of time I have tested myself and I undersatnd that my creative spirit is so unbreakable that it can`t accept routine work without chance to grow and without constant novelty.


The challenge has been set and here is the first work that I wanna share with you. These skirts were made to be practical and have luxurious look – grey damask print on blue cotton fabric. Silvery grey viscose lining gives skirts extra chic as well as makes them more comfortable to wear.
I have these skirts in my wardrobe (and they are one of my favourite piece of clothing) and they are also available to order. I have sew these skirts as custom order for customer from Switzerland. She was very pleased (I always worry for every order – what If customer doesn`t like the final result?)
If the fabric seems compelling but you wanna make image more luxorious then dress from this same fabric is available.




If the fabric seems compelling but you wanna make image more luxorious then dress. from this same fabric is available.
If my article has made you interested in my other works, here is the link to my Etsy shop

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