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womens jacket

Wanting to please my dear ones I often take on more than I can and am able to (haha).
I won`t mention (out loud) for how long It took me to finish this warm jacket but I`m very proud with the result (and even more with the fact that I actually finished It).

military buttons

Military style jacket

jacket back

Together with my girlfriend we found an idea on the net and I tried to make It as precise as she wanted to. The idea was to make military style jacket with warm lining. I myself very much like military jacket style parts, beautiful metallic buttons, black ribbons. Jacket has many details and that was what I really enjoyed It was very interesting for me to sew seeing that stitches make the shapes.

warm lining

jacket details

With huge pause and responsibility I finally was there – sewing the collar and connecting the jacket to the lining. The work was done and the jacket finally was able to make the new owner happy:)


Military Jacket

Military Jacket

And I have such a wonderful assistant:)
Un vēl, man ir tik burvīgs asistents:)

short haired german pointer

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