THE wool coat

Few days ago I declared to my Facebook friends that I feel super cool because I made a winter coat for myself!
Just fantastic, I managed to make exactly what I wanted and it would not be possible to find in shops something what would fit me perfectly and would suit my requirements!
Made from wool fabric. Viscose lining is insulated with pure wool (bought in store Carnevale for LVL 5.00 per meter, just fantastic price). Pigskin (dismantled a short jacket which made a long journey from Japan).
It was a physically demanding job! As a result I am proud as a peacock. And very glad: I got the coat which I craved for, in my preferred color and size!
Photo by Linda Giga

wool coat




vilnas mētelis


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7 thoughts on “THE wool coat

  1. Ļoti skaists! Sevišķi man patīk pagarinātā aizmugure ar šķēlumu.

  2. Smuki! Malacis! Tik gribējās oderi ar redzēt un bik tuvāk 😉

  3. fantastiski! apsveicu ar pacietību -tas ir bijis tā vērts!

  4. Iveta, Tu audz ar katru savu gara darbu – es lepojos ar Tevi – pa īstam! Ļoti skaists mētelis!!!!! Es ar gribūūūūūūūūū 😀

  5. Baltā skaudība – cik skaisti!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Paldies:) Man ar dikti patīk:D

  7. Inta, nāc šūt:)hihihi Es kā reiz otro mēteli šuju;)

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