THE Dress

Cornflower day dress is ready. Calmly, without haste. This was delightful, as the owner of dress radiates peace and harmony herself.
Thank you darling, that you took the risk and choose me as author of your dress. Thank you for trusting me and my skills, thank you for encouragement: “You can do it”.
Thanks to my husband who endured my terrible character when I secluded in solitude to sew. not only cats were isolated from my sewing room but children too, hihihi.
Sewing lasted almost two months. Caught moments and was sewing from time to time. Much courage was required to start cutting the wedding dress fabric with scissors in hands. I really measured seven times and only then cut. Most of the time was spent to cut the lacy fabric and tacking it. Hand work took a lot too: sewing of 29 buttons and hooks, lace trim finishing.
There were 7 times of measuring: three times for layout and four for the real dress.
I’m very proud of THE dress.
I like everything about this dress: fabrics(lace and silk with 2% lycra is made in Italy), DESIGNED model, minor details. There wasn’t a moment when this dress would “push” me away, it is mine “down to the bone.” There was maintained Vintage style, choosing fabric in soft creamy tone. A special feature: the bride was very successful in selection of her shoes. Looks lovely!



The dress is made in Godetype style with an extended backside skirt. Lace skirt is longer than the silk part.


wedding dress

wedding dress








It is hard to imagine a bride without handbag and leg bands:



In addition to the dress was made The cover. As the dress is 1.70 cm long, the cover was 1.80 cm :


I was the photo reporter and enjoyed this role a lot …hihihi! Here I should say quite seriously: I really liked it, would I have better equipment, I would develop this into something more!


And, of course, the biggest positive is that the bride is happy about the result. In addition, she said that the dress was very comfortable throughout the day, she did not want to take it off in the evening.

And now guess: which of these are my lips:)


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6 thoughts on “THE Dress

  1. OMG! Kleita dieviiga!!! :))) Tieshaam tieshaam! 🙂 Perfekta! 🙂

  2. Tiešām fantastiski skaisti! Tu TO paveici!;)

  3. absolutely beautiful! i am too making my own wedding dress and is hoping it will turn out as beautiful as your dress! congrats to you!

  4. Paldies iuz un Inna:) atzīšos kleita ir mans lepnums:)

    Susan, Thank You so much! This is a dress for my friend. I wish You that your wedding day would be the biggest day ever:)I cross a fingers: dress gonna be beautiful!

  5. Es, kā kleitas īpašniece, varu piebilst, ka NE MIRKLI nešaubījos meistara izvēlē!!! Iveta, Tu esi ļoti talantīga, akurāta, precīza, harmoniska savā darbībā un TIK ēteriska būtne – gluži tāda, kādai bij jābūt manai kleitai kopumā, kad to iztēlojos un tieši TĀDA tā arī sanāca! 🙂 Novēlu, lai Tev turpmāk nerastos ne mazākās šaubas par saviem spēkiem, lai parliecība par sevi Tevī mutuļot mutuļotu – jo Tu pati redzi – TEV VISS SANĀCA vnk IDEĀLI! Un jā, kleita bija ļoti, ļoti ērta – tiešām negribējās vilkt nost! Paldies Tev, ka padarīji MANU dienu sajūtās TIK labu! 🙂

  6. Inta, bučas par tik skaistiem vārdiem. Kā aste nolaidīsies, lasīšu kā savu uzmundrinājuma mantru:*

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