In honour of gypsum | Par godu ģipsim


Who said that gypsum for broken arm is not stylish?
In fact, a very practical purpose…. to my mind dirty gypsum looks just terrible. Thus looks much better!

Kas teica, ka lauzta roka ģipsī nav stilīgi?
Patiesībā ļoti praktiskam nolūkam…..apzīmēti, netīri ģipši , manuprāt, ir briesmīgi. Šādi ir daudz foršāk!



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2 thoughts on “In honour of gypsum | Par godu ģipsim

  1. How cute! And it even matches her pants! That’s adorable, I love it! Hopefully it makes having a broken arm more bearable. Here’s to quick recovery! Also – I love that your blog is in English as well as … Latvian? Very handy, or I wouldn’t be able to read it. 😛

  2. Hello, Jessie!
    Yes this is Latvian:) I am so happy that someone uses English too :)))
    As You can see, fabric scrap is useful.

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