Month: June 2011


Crafty hands | Čaklās rokas

Since the recent times I am so excited that I have a sewing machine at home, and that I am able to create gifts! And I am even more happy when the little girls are happy about the new things! So, my crafty hands created summery outfits for two small sisters! As the model acted […]

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scallop waist skirt

Summer skirt | Vasaras svārki

There is a great website: Grosgain fabulous, which currently is promoting a Free pattern month. One project per day during one month. I am a zealous reader of this page, and this time I enjoyed an 18 days project – a Scallop waist skirt from a talented, young women Chie – she lives in Japan. […]

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Photosession – Vintage button dress

My first “Sew along” project has ended. Have to admit, it was quite inactive, but I hope that my contributed work will be used later as a tutorial for sewing dresses and the results will be shown on flickr account, which I plan to leave active. This is the last article in the project Vintage […]

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Vintage button dress

Sew along Part 3 – Sewing the dress

Continuing to sew a dress! The third step: stich the dress and sew it and sew the button. Stich dress side seam and back parts sew together. Connect the shoulder seams, at the same time making the folds. Shoulder folds reinforced with a needle and then slowly sewed with sewing machine. Turpinam šūt kleitu! Trešais […]

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Audums/ Fabric

Sew along Part 2 – Cutting of the fabric by the pattern

Good evening or good morning! I had a delay, but I hope you will forgive me, because I was preparing a birthday cake for my daughter who had a birthday party in coming day… and then came morning and I had to wait for the guests:)! But yesterday I managed to accomplish what was planned, […]

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audums / fabric

A special gift | Īpaša dāvana

Wanted very much to put something beautiful in the blog. And… the opportunity is there! During my working day, when there are more works to do than I can comprehend and it seems that I will manage nothing and I am using every opportunity to excape from all of this by lazying around a bit… […]

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