Rich blue | Piesātināti zilais

Good things come to those who wait. Keeping up with old traditions, some time has passed since the last time that I added new article on my website. Some might think – If there are no new articles then there hasn`t been any sewing as well. Exactly the opposite. I have been so busy with […]

One step higher | Pakāpi augstāk

Wanting to please my dear ones I often take on more than I can and am able to (haha). I won`t mention (out loud) for how long It took me to finish this warm jacket but I`m very proud with the result (and even more with the fact that I actually finished It). Vēloties iepriecināt […]

Little Paris girl | Mazā parīziete

To Paris with new jacket! When little Misis has planned a trip, the question – what to put in suitcase? – appears. Considering the list of what to take decision was made, only thing that was missing was summer jacket for colder weather. And it was my dream long time ago that I wanted to […]

THE wool coat | THE vilnas mētelis

Few days ago I declared to my Facebook friends that I feel super cool because I made a winter coat for myself! Just fantastic, I managed to make exactly what I wanted and it would not be possible to find in shops something what would fit me perfectly and would suit my requirements! Made from […]

Full lap with flowers | Ziedu klēpis

Bright fabric and simple model of sun skirt. Skirts were created from 100% cotton with, rayon lining. Even though the summer is coming to end, these skirts can certainly extend it and make the day more colorful. Košs audums un vienkārši saules modeļa svārki. Svārki tapuši no 100% kokvilnas, ar viskozes oderīti. Lai arī vasara […]

Flirty shorts | Koķeti šorti

The only pants in my collection are these shorts. In my opinion this is very feminine model, flirty outfit with pocket on the side. Made from 100% cotton fabric, with viscose lining finish. Looks great together with a blouse. Vienīgais bikšu apģērbs – šorti. Manuprāt, sanāca ļoti sievišķīgs modelis:) Koķets apģērbs ar kabatiņu sānos. Tapis […]